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Strategic Plan 2019–2024

Strategic Plan 2019–2024

Strategic Plan 2019–2024

Our Strategic Direction 2019–2024

Our Strategic Plan 2019–2024 launched in July 2019. Building on over 30 years of history working to prevent and respond to family violence and violence against women, this five year strategy enables us to build on our strengths and innovate for change, as we focus not only on what we do well but on what will ultimately have the most positive and sustainable impact on ending violence against women.

Our strategic plan outlines our four strategic priorities over the years ahead:

Priority 1: Support broad social and structural change to address violence against women

Priority 2: Support effective reform of Victoria’s specialist violence against women prevention and response systems

Priority 3: Build connected and coordinated sectors that lead evidence-informed primary prevention activity and provide effective responses to women and their children impacted by violence

Priority 4: Develop expert, highly skilled and well-resourced professionals and organisations working to prevent or respond to violence against women

View and download our current Strategic Plan July 2019–June 2024

View and download a one-page summary of the strategic plan

Guiding Principles

Underpinning our current strategic plan are three guiding principles. These principles will act as a lens through which we filter the implementation of our strategic plan and will not only inform what we do but how we work as individuals and as an organisation.

Principle One: an intersectional feminist approach

Principle Two: informed by evidence, practice expertise and lived experience

Principle Three: partnerships and collaboration

Our Focus

At DVRCV, we have used the terms 'family violence' and 'violence against women' to describe the focus of our work. Aligning with out 2019–2024 strategic direction, we now use the language of violence against women and their children to articulate our specific expertise, ensuring we are as clear and explicit as possible about our approach to achieving our vision of a world where women and their children are thriving, respected and free from violence.

View a two-page summary of the rationale articulating our focus on 'violence against women and their children'