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Canberra Men's Centre

Canberra Men's Centre

For over 15 years, Canberra Men’s Centre has been supporting men who have issues with violence and abusive behaviour in their lives.

  • Men using violence towards people they care about – intimate partners or ex-partners, children and family
  • Men using violence in more public contexts - workplaces, sporting activities, pubs and clubs...
  • Men who've been victims of of family violence or child abuse
  • Men who've experienced violence by intimate partners or ex-partners, or by their partner's ex.
  • Men who've been victims of violence in public and community settings 

Our work with men is based on an understanding of their commitments and concerns, their strengths, capacities and diversity. In transforming that understanding into real outcomes for men, and for their partners and families, we acknowledge both the opportunity and the responsibility that we have to contribute to regional and national efforts to reduce men’s violence, and to support men who have experienced violence.

Whether men are being supported to stop using violence or to deal with their experiences of being on the receiving end of violence or abuse, effective support leads to better outcomes for the men themselves, for the community of boys and men to which they belong, and for the women in their lives and their children.

Our Counselling Service offers support with any of these issues, the Working With the Man program engages directly with men who've used violence to women, and our Preventing Violence, Managing Anger program is a 10 week behaviour change program for men using violence or who need preventative support.


(02) 6230 6999


Room 3.01 Griffin Centre 20 Genge Street Civic ACT 2601

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