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Domestic Violence Prevention Centre

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre

The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre provides a wide range of programs and services.

Crisis response
The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre offers crisis telephone support and counselling to women affected by domestic and family violence. You can call the telephone crisis line to speak to a trained and experienced counsellor who understands the impact of living in an abusive relationship.

Our counselling staff can offer you:

  • information
  • support
  • safety planning and
  • referral to safe accommodation and other services if required.

Domestic violence court support, information and advocacy program
The Domestic Violence Court Information and Advocacy Program operates from both the Southport Magistrates Court and the Coolangatta Magistrates Court. Program staff provide support, information and assistance to women who are seeking a Domestic Violence Protection Order.

Counselling appointments are available to women affected by domestic and family violence. Counselling provides a safe place to discuss, explore and work through experiences of abuse and violence as well as assistance with safety planning.

Women's groups
Throughout the year we run therapeutic groups at various locations across the Gold Coast. The aim of the groups is to assist women to address the impact of domestic and family violence.

Safety upgrades project
This service assists women affected by domestic and family violence to remain in their homes where it is safe to do so. Being able to stay at home means women can maintain their routines and support networks and keep the stability of family life, particularly where children are involved. We assist our clients in developing and implementing personalised safety plans and address the counselling and support needs of clients and their children through referral and brokerage. Support may also include increasing physical security of the woman's home.

Men's domestic violence education and intervention program
The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc., in collaboration with Queensland Corrective Services and as part of the Gold Coast Domestic Violence Integrated Response, works with men to end their use of violence and abuse in their intimate personal relationships.

Other programs

  • Beenleigh, Eagleby and Northern Gold Coast domestic and family violence outreach service
  • Gold Coast helping out families program
  • Children and young people's counselling



Gold Coast Service: (07) 5591 4222

Beenleigh, Eagleby, North Gold Coast DFV Outreach Service: (07) 3807 6226

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