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Ayet's story

Ayet's story

How do other people survive domestic violence? What helped them? What advice do they have for others? DVRCV uses the voices and stories of survivors of family violence in all aspects of our work, because we think that their should inform the policy and practice responses to domestic and family violence. Ayet’s story is a true story, with all names and details have been changed.

She and I met when I was in my twenties and she in her thirties. We basically met and moved in. She didn't like my place in the city so she brought me 20 miles away from my life. I became a stepmother right away to her child (whom I adored) and everything I did had to be revolving around her...and she was the one that said she never wanted me to lose myself in her. She told me she wanted me to have my own opinion and when I did she got angry that I disagreed. She didn't like my close friends, or my job and so I gave those up. She drank more and became more violent, verbally and physically, always begging for forgiveness afterward and showering me with love. That allowed me to forget the pain.

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