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Katerina's story

Katerina's story

How do other people survive domestic violence? What helped them? What advice do they have for others? At DVRCV we use the voices and stories of survivors of family violence in all aspects of our work, because we believe that these experiences should inform policy and practice responses to domestic and family violence. Katerina's story is true, with all names and details changed. Katerina also describes how people have responded when she has spoken about the abuse and/or her disability, and her experience with different services.

My father had an awful temper and I think he would have had an awful temper regardless of the cultural background he came from. On the other hand, he had attitudes towards both my brother and I, or men and women, that were cultural - or stronger because they were cultural. Some men use their culture as an excuse for violence. However my father never actually gave me an explanation for his treatment of me other than it was always because of me, things that I did or didn’t do. It was always about me rather than about him, but on the other hand I was always supposed to be a 'good Greek girl' and I am definitely not a good Greek girl.

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