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In the library: Dreamworlds 3 DVD

In the library: Dreamworlds 3 DVD

Dreamworlds 3 DVD

httpv:// Dreamworlds 3 (2007) is the update of Sut Jhally's groundbreaking Dreamworlds 2 (1995). How does popular culture filter the identities of young men and women? What stories are told about how we're supposed to look, dress and act? This 1 hour documentary:

  • looks at the stories contemporary music videos tell about girls and women
  • encourages viewers to think about how these stories shape individual and cultural attitudes about sexuality
  • helps views to get skills in consuming images, especially sexual imagery, critically and ethically.

Illustrated with hundreds of up-to-date images, Dreamworlds 3 offers a unique and powerful tool for understanding both the continuing influence of music videos and how pop culture more generally filters the identities of young men and women through a dangerously narrow set of myths about sexuality and gender. In doing so, it inspires viewers to reflect critically on images that they might otherwise take for granted. [Description adapted from the Media Education Foundation website] httpv://

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