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Media wrap up: 13 - 26 Oct

Media wrap up: 13 - 26 Oct

A fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

National tracking of domestic violence orders

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland is working with states and territories to establish a scheme for the automatic nationwide registration of domestic and family violence orders against offenders. Currently if an offender with an intervention order crossed borders, local police were unaware of the court order. DVRCV does not support calls for the register to be public. 17 October 2010

"Victoria's domestic violence and sexual assault laws lead the nation and a national approach to intervention orders is an important next step," Government spokesman Stephen Moynihan said.

Cyber stalker gets invention order through Facebook

Victorian police have successfully served an Intervention Order on Facebook. In August, a woman had told police on August 23 that she was being threatened, bullied and harassed via Facebook. The accused is her ex boyfriend. After trying to find the accused man in traditional ways, the police sent an Intervention Order to his Facebook account and recorded a video issuing the order. 20 October 2010 The Age:

Leading Senior Constable Stuart Walton, of Flemington police, came up with the idea and convinced a magistrate to let him serve the order on Facebook when he could not find the man via telephone or in person. The process was not perfect, with police unable to determine if the man had received the message and Facebook unwilling to confirm it so he still needed to be found in person.


Danny Blay interview

Danny Blay, the coordinator of No To Violence, the male family violence prevention association, was interviewed by The Age's "The Zone". The interview is an audio slideshow and transcript. Danny believes it should be a man's mission to keep women safe and not subject them to violence and abuse. 18 October 2010 The Age:

I feel a real conviction for - and I'm really quite passionate about - the safety of women and children and the ways in which men can behave differently and slightly modify the ways in which they engage with the world. [It] can make a world of difference to the people in their lives. It's not just profound for their own personal relationships, but for the dozens and dozens of people around them.