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Media wrap up 24 November - 7 December

Media wrap up 24 November - 7 December

A fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

White Ribbon Day media

Not 1 More in Federation Square

Melbourne's White Ribbon Day event Not 1 More and the March Against Family Violence was reported on Channel 10 news (below).

Men in short supply at Bendigo White Ribbon March

26 November 2010, Bendigo Advertiser:

ONLY five men marched in yesterday’s White Ribbon Day rally, a figure Bendigo police Acting Inspector Mark Edwards says is not good enough. This is every bit as much the bloke’s problem,” Acting Inspector Edwards said.“When you come and listen to the stories of women caught up in domestic violence, they’re the victims and men are the perpetrators – men need to seriously stand up,” Mr Scrimshaw said.

Male pollies form anti-violence group

Federal MPs have formed a new sub-commitee to address violence against women, called the Male Parliamentarians for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 24 November 2010, The Age:"

The MPs and senators took the White Ribbon pledge "not to commit violence, not to condone violence and not to stay silent about violence". They also vowed to discuss the issue with family and friends and at least once in the next six months raise awareness on the issue within their constituency.

White Ribbon initiatives in the workplace

25 November 2010, Media release, Kate Ellis MP

Minister for the Status of Women, Kate Ellis announced $1.1 million for a new White Ribbon Workplaces program. The White Ribbon Workplaces program will establish a national approach to creating long-term change in attitudes to violence and to implementing violence-prevention strategies through the workplace.  The program will be structured around three elements: ambassadors, accreditation and awards for workplaces that implement prevention strategies and speak out about violence against women.

Dandenong White Ribbon Day awareness

24 November 2010, Dandenong Leader:

GREATER Dandenong has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Victoria, and men are standing up to stamp it out. Last financial year, Greater Dandenong had 1319 cases of domestic violence, the third highest in the state and an increase from 972 in 2008/09. Twelve men of different backgrounds from across the southeast will be White Ribbon Day ambassadors.

Bendigo woman tells of life of violence

23 November 2010, Bendigo Advertiser:

AFTER 25 years of abuse and fear a Bendigo woman has told how it's possible to leave and start again. In 2008, her now ex-husband, was sentenced to 31 months in prison for assault. "The children would run and hide under the bed, it didn't matter to him if I was pregnant, if he wanted to bash me he would. "How often I wondered if the kids would say something at school." She finally left her husband in 1997 and was constantly in fear that he would find her. "I moved three times in two years, I changed my name and everything else," she said. "You need to leave after the first hit because he won't change, once it starts the hits get harder. Take the risk and leave."

Call for integrated legal approach to family violence

Annie Cossins calls for an integrated approach to hearing family violence cases in the courts. 29 November 2010, The Australian:

New York's Brooklyn county has taken the radical step of creating an integrated domestic violence court that hears all criminal and civil issues arising from a family dispute in the one hearing, including divorce proceedings. This means there is one court hearing for one family for all its disputes. It gives the presiding judge access to all the information about the family's problems and allows the court to concentrate its resources to address the complex needs of families in despair. It puts the needs and safety of victims of family violence first.

Breakdancing and raising awareness

29 November 2010, ABC Local Radio Goulburn Murray:

When you think breakdancing you don't usually think domestic violence but Kevin Kropinyeri is using breakdancing and comedy to raise awareness about domestic violence. "I grew up in a very violent home and my mum is one of my heroes, so having lived it I now stand up against it. "Education is the key because a lot of our young people grow up in that environment and that's all they know so we need to educate our young fellas and our young men and say it's not an option, it's not our way.

Image credit

White Ribbon Ambassadors and supporters at the Not 1 More White Ribbon Day event, Federation Square on Flickr by Not1More Creative Commons licence icon: Attribution Non-Commercial