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A new logo, tagline and website

A new logo, tagline and website

Welcome to DVRCV’s new logo, tagline and website.

Why a dandelion?

DVRCV logo in 1994 and our new logo in 2010 The first logo of DVRCV was designed in 1995 and represented women's strength and resilience. However, its design did not age well and sadly it never achieved that "cool retro" look. And yes, we admit it - our old logo does resemble the logos of many other women's organisations. Our new logo is a dandelion spreading seeds. It's fresh, it's still purple, and it's about our organisation spreading messages of change: the need to prevent family violence, and to promote respect and safety for women, children and all in our community. As a service with a feminist philosophy, we believe that family violence will only be eliminated if change occurs at a broader societal level, as well as at an individual level. We wanted an image that would reflect our commitment to working for social change.

Why a tagline?

A 'tagline' is a statement or motto that succinctly defines or represents an organisation's mission. After reading how a nonprofit's name alone is not enough to tell people about its work, we decided to use a tagline to further describe DVRCV's vision. We brainstormed tagline ideas including 'sowing the seeds of change', 'education for change' and 'promoting a world without violence'. The final vote was for a tagline that highlighted the importance of respect:  preventing violence, promoting respect

About the blog, Wordpress, twitter and Facebook

Screenshots of DVRCV on Facebook and Twitter The DVRCV website has changed from being html web pages to using the free, open source website software Wordpress.  We also use Wordpress for two other websites:

Using Wordpress means our website can have a blog, is more accessible and is easy to update and manage. The DVRCV blog regularly publishes news, events and information that we hope is useful to our two main audiences:

  • workers and organisations in the family violence and related sectors, and
  • people experiencing family violence who are looking for advice and support.

You can subscribe to the blog by RSS: And follow us on Twitter:  Twitter icon and 'LIKE' us on Facebook Facebook icon

Social media what?

If you're not technically inclined, here's some clear explanations and tutorials to help. Wikipedia: What is a blog? | Why nonprofits should use Wordpress | RSS in Plain English | Twitter in Plain English | Get DVRCV blog updates with Outlook (using RSS) The process of deciding on a new look has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on what we do and how others see the organisation. We hope that you like what've we done, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on our logo, tagline and website.

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Icons from Flicker:  Twitter icon by Matthieu Dejardins Creative Commons licence icon: Attribution Non-CommercialFacebook icon by Jeff McNeill Creative Commons: Attribution Share Alike icon