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Putting prevention into everyday practice

Putting prevention into everyday practice

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DVRCV works to prevent violence against women and their children through capacity building, workforce development, advocacy and resources. So it’s important that we ‘walk the walk’ in our own workplace when it comes to challenging the attitudes, behaviours and practices that drive this violence.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our new resource, Know your A-Z, developed in partnership with Our Watch. Know your A-Z offers a different prevention action for every letter of the alphabet, highlighting the everyday things we can all do to promote respect and challenge gender stereotypes.

 “We want to make sure all staff feel empowered to take a proactive approach to combating sexism and disrespect. This means understanding how their own actions can inadvertently reinforce negative stereotypes and also ensuring they have the confidence and skills to call out these behaviours when they see it in others,” said DVRCV CEO Emily Maguire.

“The Know your A-Z poster is a fantastic visual reminder for all of us at DVRCV to keep prevention front-of-mind in our everyday interactions.”

Here’s some of the different ways we’re using Know your A-Z

Photo of poster on fridge

Displaying it in our staff room

Photo of Emily Maguire with the photo in her office

Putting it up in our office

Photo of DVRCV trainers creating activities with the individual cards

Creating ice-breaker activities to use the individual cards in our training sessions.

“By challenging negative stereotypes and promoting respect in our daily lives, including at work, we send a message about the society we want to live in. Our hope is that the A-Z resource helps empower Australians to find their voice and to do their bit to prevent violence against women”, said Ms Maguire.


The free Know Your A-Z resource, as well as tips for how to use it, can be accessed here.