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Reclaim the Night Melbourne: Thursday 28 October

Reclaim the Night Melbourne: Thursday 28 October

Reclaim the Night is a rally, march and party happening this Thursday 28 October, 2010.

What is Reclaim the Night?

Reclaim the Night is an event held annually in many different cities and countries. Its focus is for women to claim back (or for the first time) their right to freedom from violence, and from the threat of violence. In Australia currently one in three women experience sexual assault in their lifetime, and the Melbourne event this year has as its focus the engagement of those survivors. As such, it is completely autonomous (women identified or bodied or socialised - it is important to note that this is deliberately inclusive of our trans community). Reclaim the Night is a night on which incredible women speak of their lives and experiences, where we all march to end violence, and finish up with a party!

Who can come?

It's open to all women and their children. It is asked that people who are not female identified/bodied/socialised or trans or gender variant self-exclude from the event this year. This is to stand in solidarity with people who feel unsafe in the presence of male people, especially in the context of talking about violence. This however is not to undermine or invisibilise the experience of women who have experienced violence from female partners or family members.


London 2007 Reclaim the Night march on Flickr

  • The rally will begin at 6pm on the State Library steps, Swanston Street, with five speakers on issues around violence against women.
  • The march will be a loop of part of the CBD area (bring banners if you got 'em). It will end back at the State Library.
  • The party will be at 8pm at the Queen Victoria Women's Centre, which is a three minute walk from the State Library. There will be people directing the Reclaim the Night crowd.

The celebration will be alcohol and drug free. At this stage, it seems police will be present during the march, but will be instructed not to speak with anyone who is not wearing a marshal's patch on their arm. [All information above, slightly edited, from Reclaim the Night 2010 Facebook group wall]

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