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Spring 2010 newsletter

Spring 2010 newsletter

The spring edition of our Quarterly Newsletter focuses on young people and violence.

Hardcore pornography and its impact on popular culture

We begin with an eye-opening examination of the rise of hardcore pornography and its impact on popular culture. Maree Crabbe and David Corlett argue that technologies, such as the internet, have played a major role in making hardcore porn widely accessible. This pornography eroticises the degradation of women, and is influencing young people’s views of sexual relationships. The article is an adapted version of a paper presented at For Better or Worse: Young people, technology and preventing violence, a forum in August organised as part of DVRCV’s Partners in Prevention (PiP) project.

Young people as perpetrators and victims of violence in the home

Next we turn to look at young people as perpetrators and victims of violence in the home. Jo Howard argues that a coordinated community and legal response to adolescent violence in the home can help to prevent family violence. Court-based therapeutic interventions have been successful in the United States and Canada. Jo Howard contends that these could be introduced as part of Victoria’s integrated family violence service system. Read this article online

Research, rewrite, remix: a website's journey

DVRCV launched our new website, Love: The good, the bad and the ugly, at the PiP forum. The site is a redevelopment of our earlier site for young people, When Love Hurts. The site is based on real stories and feedback from young people. It explores the line between love and control, and looks at how the internet, social media and mobile phones can be used as a way of controlling a partner. The article on page 13 discusses the approach we took in developing the site. This edition also provides a summary of the other presentations from the PiP forum, including an overview of the Reach Out website, the Be the Hero! website and training program, and The Photograph, a film about sexting.


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