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Our blog

woman and child aboriginal indigenous hugging

The Family Violence Protection (Information Sharing) Amendment Act 2017 is an outcome of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Whole School Approach

The Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) has mandated statewide delivery across all Victorian schools brings this journey to its next stage – embedding primary prevention in schools.

Crisis response Initiative

The expansion of eligibility criteria means victims of family violence who have disability-related needs can now access the Disability Family Violence Crisis Response Initiative.

Self care DVRCV

A conversation about the unique, complex and significant challenges of working in the family violence sector

Sue Clifford

As the CEO of the state government’s first agency dedicated solely to ending family violence, Sue Clifford will be driving many projects as part of the state’s $1.9 billion action plan

Collaboration at work

The reforms resulting from the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence are not just about change in one area.

What's Ok at Home?

DVRCV has launched their youth-focused website, What’s Ok at Home, designed for children and young people aged 10-17 living with family violence.