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Our blog

Our blog

Collaboration at work

The reforms resulting from the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence are not just about change in one area.

What's Ok at Home?

DVRCV has launched their youth-focused website, What’s Ok at Home, designed for children and young people aged 10-17 living with family violence.

Universal Children's Day

The Victorian parliament passes a Greens motion to start the process to expunge criminal convictions given to children in state care.

Know your A-Z banner

DVRCV is excited to launch our new resource, Know your A-Z, developed in partnership with Our Watch.

Woman looking at mobile phone

Our SmartSafe+ app has received additional funding from the Public Sector Innovation Fund


DVRCV welcomes the $1.91 billion investment in family violence prevention and response.

Image of children's books

Newspaper headlines like ‘Dunce upon a time' or ‘Cinderella caught up in jihad on gender norms’ do our children a huge disservice.