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Our blog

Our blog

Aboriginal art

Family violence impacts on Aboriginal people at vastly disproportionate rates and has devastating effects on Victorian Aboriginal communities.

CRAF materials

The Royal Commission into Family Violence has created an unprecedented opportunity to examine how Victoria’s response to family violence can be improved.

Fiona Richardson and Vig Geddes

Excerpt of our interview with MP Fiona Richardson, Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, that appeared in the 2015 spring/summer edition of DVRCV Advocate

image of a beach

Our office hours and available support services during the Christmas/New Year period

boys arm wrestling

Gender inequality sets the necessary social context that allows violence against women to flourish

Emily Maguire, DVRCV CEO

Two months into her role as CEO of DVRCV, Emily Maguire reflects on the current family violence landscape and her vision for how we can work together to ensure women and children's safety

Photograph of CRAF guides, training DVD and related documents

The findings from Luke Batty's inquest have highlighted the critical need to improve the way that family violence risk is assessed and managed.