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Our blog

Colourful graphic image with the words 'In this together. National Reconciliation Week 2020. 27 May to 3 June

Nargneit Birrang creates a new approach for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

Blue watercolour picture of a mother playfully throwing a young child into the air

How one community legal centre broke the mould to keep women and children safer

A woman’s migration status can place her safety in danger. Here’s how.

Photo of Fiona McCormack

Fiona McCormack discusses how she’s sustained personal and professional drive during her career.

Domestic Violence Victoria and DVRCV will merge in 2020-21 to become a new entity.

All DVRCV training and events are cancelled until 30 September.

image of area damaged by bushfire including burnt cars and buildings

Why does violence against women increase in the aftermath of bushfires and other disasters?