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Our blog

Woman standing outside a commission housing tower

Family violence and poverty entrench homelessness for women. Is social housing the only answer?

How men’s control of decision making and limits to women’s independence drive gender based violence.

Group of people in Melbourne street holding up signs

Emily Maguire reflects on our collective responsibility to end systemic racism and state violence.

How condoning violence against women drives and perpetuates gender based violence.

Emily Maguire

CEO Emily Maguire considers the parallels between COVID-19 and Australia's other national crisis

Colourful graphic image with the words 'In this together. National Reconciliation Week 2020. 27 May to 3 June

Nargneit Birrang creates a new approach for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

Blue watercolour picture of a mother playfully throwing a young child into the air

How one community legal centre broke the mould to keep women and children safer