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Discussion papers

Discussion papers

Discussion papers

Our Discussion Paper series provide a comprehensive analysis of current issues.

front cover of discussion paper: 'Out of Character? Legal responses to intimate partner homicides by men in Victoria 2005-2014'

Our latest Discussion Paper provides an overview of 51 cases of intimate partner homicide by men in Victoria, with an analysis of how family violence was recognised in homicide prosecutions.

Justice or Judgement?: The impact of Victorian homicide law reforms on responses to women who kill intimate partners

'Justice or Judgement?' examines the effectiveness of legal reforms introduced in Victoria to improve responses to women who kill abusive partners.

Just Say Goodbye: Parents who kill their children in the context of separation

DVRCV Discussion Paper ‘Just Say Goodbye’ examines the motives and background to ‘filicide’— the killing of children by a parent.

"Bad Mothers and Invisible Fathers": Parenting in the context of domestic violence

This Discussion Paper reviews the research on mothering and fathering in the context of domestic violence.

Behind Closed Doors: Family dispute resolution and family violence.

Under the new family law system in Australia it is compulsory for separating parents to attempt family dispute resolution (FDR) prior to taking their parenting dispute to court.

Violence-Induced Disability: The consequences of violence against women and children.

The paper explores the relationship of experiences of violence to particular disabilities, for example cerebral palsy, behavioural and learning disabilities in children, acquired brain injury, and the effects of depression and anxiety in older years.

What's in a Name?: Definitions and domestic violence

This paper provides a critical analysis of the umbrella terms ‘domestic violence’, ‘family violence’ and ‘Violence Against Women’.

Men as Victims of Domestic Violence: Some issues to consider.

The paper untangles the methodology of research based on the Conflict Tactics Scales, and illuminates how such research has been taken up and used, including in the media, by those promoting a ‘men’s rights’ political agenda.

Family Violence and Homelessness: Removing the perpetrator from the home.

Women and children who are subjected to family violence are vulnerable to homelessness. The traditional focus of social policy responses has been on supporting them to leave situations of family violence

What is Child Sexual Abuse?: Rethinking what we know.

This Discussion Paper isolates and interrogates some of the dominant frameworks of meaning that surround child sexual abuse.