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Family violence and homelessness

Family violence and homelessness

Family violence and homelessness

Family Violence and Homelessness: Removing the perpetrator from the home.

Family Violence & Homelessness: removing the perpetrator from the home. DVRCV Discussion Paper 3, 2002

Women and children who are subjected to family violence are vulnerable to homelessness. The traditional focus of social policy responses has been on supporting them to leave situations of family violence, through funding a network of emergency and transitional accommodation. More recently, there is increased policy interest in identifying strategies to assist victims of family violence to remain safely in their homes, while the perpetrator of the violence is removed.

DVRCV’s Discussion Paper presents suggestions as to how policy can be directed to removing violent men from the family home, evaluates the two main legal interventions that exist in Victoria to enable this to happen, and discusses obstacles typically faced by those who pursue these legal interventions. The paper also explores some of the strategies and initiatives that have emerged elsewhere to address the problems identified, and recommends ways of making positive change.

You can download the full Discussion Paper below (as a PDF).