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DVRCV Advocate: December 2018

DVRCV Advocate: December 2018

A stack of DVRCV Advocate magazines. The cover has a picture of a young woman and the main headline: "Become a family violence specialist - FAST!"

For the latest discussion on hot topics and innovative developments in the family violence field, read the December 2018 DVRCV Advocate – out now!


As we begin to bring family violence responses into universal services like health and education, we have focused this edition of DVRCV Advocate on the importance of specialisation in prevention and response. - Emily Maguire, CEO

VCOSS works towards a society where everyone can thrive. But to excel in this, we must draw upon a vast reservoir of community sector knowledge. - Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS)

DVRCV’s Fast Track pilot aims to address the demand for specialist family violence practitioners with the knowledge and skills to take up senior leadership positions.

We spoke to Domestic Violence Victoria, Women’s Legal Service Victoria and inTouch about their specialist expertise, why it’s important to embed specialisation in the system and how it could look in future.

The knowledge and skill of PVAW specialists must be valued and supported over the long term to give Victoria the best chance to create a safe and equitable world for women and their children.

Baby Makes 3 is a primary prevention program that aims to prevent violence against women by promoting equal and respectful relationships between new parents.

Being a specialist family violence practitioner is tough. Our wellbeing needs to be prioritised because of the ongoing exposure to distressing stories and the high responsibility we hold.

Infographic tip sheet developed for workers by Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health with support from DVRCV.