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Laurel House

Laurel House

Our Service is completely confidential and free to victim/survivors and their families, friends and support people of sexual violence in the North and North West (63 and 64 telephone districts) of Tasmania.

We do not see perpetrators/offenders of any form of violence.

Laurel House provides face-to-face and phone counselling, 24-hour crisis service, support through the forensic/medical process, information and support through the legal process, referral and information services and outreach to rural areas.

Laurel House also offers community education, professional training and debriefing to professionals working with victim/survivors.

If you would like more information about the support available to victim/survivors of sexual assault and their families, friends and support people please call Laurel House.

Laurel House also has an After Hours Crisis service that can provide immediate support to you if you have been recently raped or sexually assaulted, or if you are experiencing complications from an historical assault such as self-harm ideation, flashbacks, or high level anxiety that you are experiencing as outside of your means of personal coping mechanisms.


After Hours Crisis: 1800 MY SUPPORT (1800 697 877)

Launceston: (03) 6334 2740

Burnie: (03) 6431 9711

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