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Safe at Home Court Support and Liaison Service

Safe at Home Court Support and Liaison Service

Support is available for male and female victims regardless of age or cultural background.

Dedicated Court Support Officers are available Statewide to assist Safe at Home clients with the following:

  • How to take out a Family Violence Order
  • How to vary or extend an existing Order
  • Provide advice on legal and court processes
  • Provide ongoing updates on progress of a matter through the courts.

Further assistance can be provided by the Court Support Officers as matters proceed through the courts including:

  • Providing court orientation in the form of a court tour to explain court layout and facilities and the roles of people in the court.
  • Accompanying the victim to court and providing support throughout the court process.
  • Debriefing following court and discussing the impact of a magistrate/judge’s decisions.
  • Follow-up through referral to other services.

These services are free and confidential and are provided by Victim Support Services, Department of Justice.


Toll free: 1300 663 773

Hobart: (03) 6165 7525

Launceston: (03) 6777 2937

Burnie: (03) 6477 7133

Aboriginal Court Support Officer: Phone: 1300 663 773 (toll free) or (03) 6165 7530

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