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For teachers & schools

For teachers & schools

For teachers & schools

Respectful Relationships Education

DVRCV has been producing innovative and award winning resources to support Respectful Relationships Education (RRE) with children and young people for over two decades.

Our Victorian Government funded Partners in Prevention (PiP) program builds the capacity of professionals working with schools and early childhood centres to deliver excellence in respectful relationships education. Visit the PiP website to learn more.

What is respectful relationships education?

Respectful relationships education is a child and youth focused strategy for the prevention of violence against women. Respectful relationships activity in schools is designed to address the drivers of violence against women as part of a holistic approach which addresses school culture, student education, leadership and parent engagement. Respectful relationships education also helps children and young people to learn about what respectful relationships are like. By working with children and young people, educators can support them to develop a strong foundation of positive and equitable relationships throughout their lifetime. 

DVRCV resources for young people  

These resources have been specifically developed from what young people told us they wanted to know — stuff like, what a ‘relationship’ is,  how to make sure your relationships is respectful, what to do if things go wrong.

While these resources can be picked up or used by individual students without accompaniment or facilitation from teachers, DVRCV and Partners in Prevention have also created a suite of resources for teachers which utilize the booklets and websites above as building blocks for class room activities and facilitated discussion.

To access a diverse range of respectful relationships education resources, visit the PiP website.


For more information please contact the PiP Coordinator at or 03 9486 9866.